Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS)

Is an exterior cladding that simulates conventional Lath & Stucco. EIFS is less labor intensive, more energy efficient and more crack resistant than conventional Exterior Stucco. We only install water drainage EIFS systems that more and more designers are turning to. We have successfully installed several million square feet of EIFS without issues from Low Rent Housing projects, Military Barracks projects, Small Retail Centers to High Rise Office Buildings. We have installed some of the most complex Drainage Systems on the Market such as Dryvit’s Outsulation Plus MD System which requires extensive layout for drainage chambers, joint layout with venting and concealed drainage track within the system. We installed this system on a 25-floor project in downtown Austin, Texas.

All our personnel are trained and certified as Exterior Insulated Finish System applicators, regardless of the system used, with continual training and ongoing step by step inspections for each project.

Our Estimators or Project Management staff can assist you on any project you may have in the design or pricing stage. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us for any assistance you might need.

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