Is an interior wall and ceiling finish system installed over block, concrete, metal lath, wood lath or a gypsum wallboard base as well as existing plaster. Conventional Gypsum Plaster is primarily used today in repairs of existing and historical restoration projects. Repairs and installations include plaster installation of approximately 3/4″ or greater in thickness.

Veneer Plaster on the other hand, is typically installed over a gypsum wallboard base with a thin layer of high strength gypsum veneer plaster (example…USG Diamond or Imperial Finish). Veneer plaster can also be used to refinish existing plaster surfaces and plaster repairs.

Veneer plaster is used where high impact resistance is desired over what standard drywall would provide. Achieving up to a hard, 3,000 lb./in compressive strength and an abrasion-resistant finished surface. Finishes can match drywall finishes, sand finishes and a very slick polished finish. Gypsum plaster products are interior only finishes.

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