Thin Stone & Thin Brick

Natural stone thin veneer, also known as thin stone panel veneers, is a type of stone cladding that is made by slicing natural stone into thin pieces. These thin pieces are typically between 1-2 inches thick and are much lighter in weight than traditional full-thickness stone veneers. Thin Brick is modular shaped brick units that are typically 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick and are oven fired as a typical modular face brick would be. These systems are typically faster to install, less expensive and much lighter than full thickness materials.

Cardinal provides any number of various materials from man-made stone to thin-cut natural Stone materials. Thin brick products are also available with whatever manufacture specified. Typically system will consist of a water barrier, 3.4 galvanized metal lath, scratch coat of a Portland Cement mix, adhesively adhering the stone or brick to the scratch coat and then grouting the joints as needed.

Our personnel are professionally trained on proper layout, spacing and appearance of the stone products that we install. Mockup samples are generally provided for color and appearance approval prior to start of our installation.

Our Estimators or Project Management staff will be more than happy to assist you on any project you may have in the design or pricing stage. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us for any assistance you might need.

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