Venetian Plaster

For centuries, Venetian plasters and old-world stuccos have decorated villas, palaces and cathedrals throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Let your project’s true character reflect the beauty and elegance of these traditional finishes.

Cardinal can provide you with an endless collection of lime, cement, and artisan plasters in unique textures and surfaces to fit your design dream. From heavy textures to glass smooth high polished finishes. 

The pre-colored plaster finish has unlimited possibilities in creativity and can truly turn walls and ceilings of any space into works of art.

Regardless, if you are a homeowner, architect or interior designer planning to decorate an accent wall or room of a home, a lobby of an office building, restaurant or retail space, Venetian Plaster is the decorative plaster material that is going to attract the most attention.

There are beautiful wallpaper patterns with many colors and finishes, faux finishes with stries, destressing and sponging techniques, but nothing can imitate the seamless beauty and uniqueness of the Venetian plaster finishes.

Our Estimators or Project Management staff can assist you on any project you may have in the design or pricing stage. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us for any assistance you might need.

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